Let's Name The New House And Take The BEFORE Tour

Sep 13, 2020
Home Design


Welcome to Weymouth I+D, your premier destination for home and garden interior design. In this article, we invite you to join us on a virtual journey as we name our latest house project and take you on the before tour. Get ready to explore the transformation process and be inspired by our passion for creating beautiful living spaces.

Discovering the New House

Every project at Weymouth I+D starts with finding the perfect house. We meticulously search for houses that have great potential for transformation. Our team of experts considers various factors such as location, architectural features, and the overall atmosphere of the property. In the case of our latest project, we stumbled upon a hidden gem, tucked away in a picturesque neighborhood.

The Importance of Naming

Before we embark on the renovation journey, we believe in naming each house project. The name is not only a reflection of our creative vision, but it also adds personality and uniqueness to the property. Our naming process involves exploring the property's history, architectural style, and any standout features that we may want to highlight. Stay tuned as we reveal the thought process behind the name of our latest house.


Now, let's take you on an exclusive virtual tour of the house before our expert team works its magic. As you scroll through the images below, imagine the possibilities and see the potential for a stunning transformation. From outdated features to lackluster design elements, you'll witness the house in its original state, ready for a complete makeover.

Living Room

The living room welcomes you with faded wallpaper, worn-out furniture, and a dull color palette. However, our vision for this space involves creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere by incorporating warm tones, comfortable seating, and statement accents that reflect the personal style of its future residents.


Step into the outdated kitchen, complete with old appliances, outdated cabinets, and limited functionality. Our expert team envisions transforming this space into a culinary haven, where cooking becomes a pleasure. Expect to see modern appliances, smart storage solutions, and a design that seamlessly blends style and functionality.


The bedrooms in their current state lack personality and fail to offer a relaxing retreat for their occupants. Our goal is to create individual sanctuaries that reflect the unique tastes and preferences of those who will call this house their home. Through thoughtful color schemes, carefully selected furniture, and ample storage, we will design bedrooms that are both stylish and functional.


The bathrooms are in dire need of a makeover, with outdated fixtures, worn-out tiles, and insufficient lighting. Our team's expertise lies in transforming these spaces into luxurious retreats by incorporating modern fixtures, high-quality materials, and clever lighting techniques. Prepare to be amazed by the potential these bathrooms hold.


Join Weymouth I+D on this exciting journey as we name our latest house project and take you through the before tour. At Weymouth I+D, we're passionate about transforming ordinary houses into extraordinary homes. Stay tuned for future updates as we reveal the inspiring transformation of this house and showcase the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets us apart. Get inspired and let us help you turn your dream home into a reality.